Samstag, 28. Februar 2015


Hey Sweeties,
Todays DIY is about how to make this really cute pencil decoration. It is so easy and inexpensive. It took me only five minutes to make these two pencils.

 You will need:
*pencils (I prefer these wooden ones, because they don´t affect the colors of your tape)
*a scissors
*washi tape

Off you go:
1. You start with a stripe of tape. There are different methods how to tape the pencils, but I prefer it to tape it from the top to the bottom.

2. Carry on sticking the tape to your pencil. I needed three stripes of tape, but that depends on how thick your pencil is.

Be careful with washi tapes with pattern. Make sure that you don´t destroy the pattern because otherwise it doeen´t look that pretty anymore.)

 And you´r done. This DIY is so easy. Everyone can make these pencils. They are a real eye-catcher and look so gorgeous.

Have fun making them,
Your Elina Frida <3

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