Samstag, 7. Februar 2015


Hello Sweethearts,
Today´s DIY shows you how to make this sweet little Chocolate-Arrow-Cards for the people you love.

You will need:
*Chocolate hearts
*a black pen
*waschi tape

Off you go:
1. Draw a few rectangel onto the paper.

2. Cut them out.

3. Draw the end of an arrow onto one of the cards.

 4. Write your message onto the card.

 5. Take a second, white card and place it behind your other card.

6. Take your waschi tape. Tape the two cards together. 

(In the end it should look like this.)

7. Glue your Chocolate heart onto the card and let it dry.

And you are done. This gift is super cute and super inexpensive. It´s really easy to make.
I made loads of them.
It´s a perfect present to let people know how much you love them.
This present comes from heart and everyone will know that.

Have fun making it,
Your Elina Frida <3

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