Sonntag, 8. März 2015

Decorated Storage jars

Hello Sweeties,
Todays DIY is about how to get cute storage jars in only 5 min.
It is super easy, super simple and looks absolute fantastic.

You will need:
*washi tape
*crafty paper
* .... (Actually everything you want)

Off you go:
Jar 1
1. I started off with my first jar and taped three stripes of washi tape onto it.

2. Because the jar still looked a bit empty I got these cute heart stickers and taped them everywhere random on my jar.

 And you´re done.

Jar 2
1. I found this really nice lace band and glued it onto my jar.

2. Then I added some brown paper and glued it onto the jar under my lace band.

 And you´re done again. This DIY is so easy and these Jars look so cute in your room. I use mine as pen holder and for my headbands and it looks so adorable.

Have fun trying it,
Yours Elina Frida <3

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