Samstag, 21. Februar 2015


Hey Sweeties,
Todays DIY is about how to make a lace jacket. You don´t have to use lace, you can use every fabric you want. It is always the same principle.

 You need:
*1 m of lace
*sewing machine

Off you go:
1. Fold the fabric two times. Draw a rectangle on the open side of your fabric.

2. Cut it out.

3. Unfold your fabric once.
4. Sow the sides that you´ve cut together.
5. Cut a straight line through the middle of your fabric. Cut only one side.

6. Cut two triangles at the top of your opening out.

(Like the white triangle in the middle)

7. Hem all open sides.

8. You don´t have to do this step, but I thought it looks super cute. I got this sweet ribbon which says "Sew happy" and attached it to my jacket, like this labels clothes have when you buy them. I thought it looks more professional.

And you´re done. This jacket is super cute and great for summer, because of the thin lace. I love how it turned out.

Have fun making it,
Your Elina Frida <3

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