Sonntag, 22. März 2015

Photoshop-canvas Part 1

Hello Sweeties,
Todays DIY is about how to make a very cool self-designed picture.
This DIY takes a bit of time. The second part comes next week.

 You will need:
*a printed picture (I made mine on Photoshop)
*a paintbrush
*a canvas
*matte gel (mine is from Liquitex)

Off you go:
1. Print your picture. You have to print it mirrored because otherwise it is the wrong way round on the canvas.

That is how my picture looks like.

2. Take your canvas and apply a thin layer of the matte gel.
Do it first diagonal and then straight to make sure that the gel is everywhere on the canvas.

3. Take your picture and place it on your canvas.

4. Press the picture onto the canvas and get rid of the air bubbles.

Let it dry for a few days...

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